Best 3D Printers 2018

The best product for beginners is the FlashForge 3D Finder. Indeed, it is very accessible thanks to its price, but it has an interesting quality of impression. It is also quite compact, which can be a good point depending on your type of use.

The best semi-pro model is the Dremel Digilab 3D45. We are moving upmarket with this 3D printer. It offers a very good print quality and even if the object you want to create has many different details to make appear.

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The best cheap 3D printers
3D printers at less than 500 dollars are usually for beginners this buying guide has best list 3d printers under $500. Indeed, they are not precise enough to make prints of industrial prototypes, however, they are perfect to discover the 3D printing and the domain that surrounds it without spending too much money.

Flashforge Finder 3D : the best price step

This model is for beginners who are thinking of buying a more serious model in the years to come.

Its design is quite interesting because of its cubic shape and its rather compact appearance. It will allow you to print more or less big models.

Its start is very simple. However, the record is very poor in information, which is a shame. As for the software to use, it is easy to handle.

Regarding its quality of printing, it is quite honorable. Indeed, it is really quite good quality. The results are smooth and almost without apparent defects.

However, it must be taken into account that this machine can only print with PLA. It’s a shame because it will necessarily limit you in your impressions.

Its printing speed is relatively normal, it is really not long. This is really an advantage because generally, fast-printing models make objects of poor quality.

This model is perfect for beginners. It will delight all users looking for good print quality.

However, it must be taken into account that only PLA can be used.

XYZ Da Vinci Mini: A low priced 3D printer for good efficiency

This model of 3D printer is the first that I propose here. Indeed, although its price is really low, this 3D printer manufactures objects of quality quite honorable.

This is a model for beginners and this is noticed because of its colorful packaging and small size. Also, it is important to note that you can only use the XYZ filament, which is the same brand as the printer.

The 3D printer is used with a program that you will need to download. It is very easy to use and available on Windows as well as on Mac. So take into account that there is no physical button on the device.

The materials that can be used are quite restrictive because if you try to insert third-party hardware, the printer will reject it.

The print speed depends on the quality of the object you have to print. Indeed, a fairly heavy model can take you 4 hours, but it is still quite fast compared to its competitors.

Author: Pamela Jensen