Computer mouse How to choose a gaming mouse for your PC?

The mouse is no longer systematically delivered with a new computer. So you often have to buy it separately. However, the choice of this essential accessory is not trivial. An uncomfortable mouse can cause pain when used intensively. Intended for a laptop or desktop, for prolonged use or specially designed for players … the models are numerous. As for prices, they vary from 10 to more than 150 € depending on the quality and functions offered. Our advice to choose well.


If you are behind the gaming mouse then you must consider the shape and size, first prize mouse has the shape of a small bar of soap. As you go up in range, the curves become more precise and the mouse becomes more and more ergonomic: a size of wasp makes it possible to grasp it better, a slightly hollow surface accommodates the index and the middle finger, a non-slip rubber stabilizes thumb, etc. This perfect buying guide will help you to choose the best mouse for overwatch.

Question size, manufacturers offer mouse for laptops small and light, so easily transportable. But they are not the most comfortable. In addition, the weight is important: without being heavy, the mouse must be felt, so does its accuracy. The template then increases with the number of buttons available. Some manufacturers offer vertical mouse that prevents twisting of the forearm and therefore to adopt a more natural position. Others are declining their models for left-handed people.


Except in special cases (1), all the mouse offer a scroll wheel and two buttons (left and right clicks, which left-handed people can reverse in most cases). But from around € 40, there are more elaborate models offering additional functions very practical. Buttons falling under the thumb allow for example to switch from one software to another on his computer or to access directly at the end of a document. On some mice, the wheel is clickable or allows navigation from right to left (in addition to vertical scrolling). Better, most often these buttons are configurable. The mice dedicated to video games offer up to twenty buttons!


The price difference between a wired and wireless mouse is substantial (between 10 and 40 € depending on the case). For a more actual price list of gaming mouse please visit But the comfort gain is clear. However, because it is no longer powered by the USB port, a wireless mouse incorporates batteries. You can opt for rechargeable batteries, well adapted since the mouse consume quite little energy (no need to recharge them without stopping). Some wireless mouse models are rechargeable, just plug them into the computer with a cable for charging, even when in use. To connect to the computer, wireless mice use either Bluetooth technology or other radio waves. In most cases, you need to connect a small receiver to one of the computer’s USB ports, which is monopolized.

In general, it is possible to take the mouse in hand in specialized shops. Do not hesitate to try them out, to check in particular that the clicks of the buttons are perceptible and that the mouse is comfortable. On the technology side, you’ll find a mouse with “optical” or “laser” pointers. The difference is negligible (unless you need extreme pointing accuracy). Unlike optical models, laser mouse can be used on all types of surface (matte, glossy, smooth, uniform or multicolored).

Author: Pamela Jensen