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Developments of the 21st century

The advent of Twenty20 cricket (T20) and the resounding success of the IPL in the first decade of the 21st century have led to a period of great innovation in sport. The new truncated form of the game has favored the stick, partly by limiting the placement of players and by shortening the limits. To counter drummers who score goals with heavy bats, bowlers begin to perfect a wide variety of balls (deliveries). Disguise has become an essential part of the bowler’s arsenal. Slow bowling, which forces the drummer to generate “rhythm” (that is to say, to provide most of the power needed to propel the struck ball, while the fast bowling gives more strength to its momentum) , has proven to be a surprisingly effective weapon. Among the new moves that became commonplace for drummers in the T20 cricket, there was the reverse sweep: a right-handed drummer, being delivered, changes hands to hit the ball like a left-handed (or a southpaw is swinging like a right-hander). Batters also began using the scoop, a shot played almost vertically over the head of the wicketkeeper. Test cricket also took advantage of these new techniques and the new era of creativity, including the introduction of the doosra, a benefit disguised as a spinner who turns away from the right-handed drummer. . Developed by Pakistani Saqlain Mushtaq and taking its name from the Urdu word meaning “the other”, the ball was perfected by Muttiah Muralitharan of Sri Lanka.

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Cricket has also followed other sports in its use of video technology to make decisions in the field. Initially, since its first trial in 1992, only online decisions such as absences had been decided by reference to a third off-field referee. But in 2008, a new referral system, in which players have the opportunity to return any decision in the field to the third referee, made his international debut in a series between India and Sri Lanka (he had been judged before the English county cricket in 2007). Each side receives two referrals each round (instead of three on the first attempt of the system). Referrals that led the arbitrator to amend an original decision are not counted in this total. The system was designed to eliminate the innocent but obvious error of a referee and was greeted more enthusiastically by players than referees.

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Author: Pamela Jensen